Alone in the Dark (2008)

Alone in the Dark (Windows)   2008


First dynamic fire propagation

Alone in the Dark 2008

Gameplay video

Alone in the Dark 2008
Magazine preview - Games tm (2008)

Magazine review - Games tm (2008)

1) Fire propagation is a class of algorithms use to simulate the spread of fire that fall under dynamic-systems. The complexities of fire propagation is that this involves destruction of the environment and requires a game engine that supports a degree of modifiable level geometry. Modelling fire can be done simply by determining which components of the game environment are combustible and then having fire spread to adjacent combustible elements with each clock tick, or by more completely modelling the elements of fuel, oxygen and heat which are required to spread a fire. (Watch Far Cry 2 for more).

2) Watch  Alone in the Dark (1992) for first game in series.

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