Battle Isle 2220: Shadow of the Emperor

Battle Isle 2220: Shadow of the Emperor (Windows)     1995

Emulation: dosbox-windows 95

First 1024x768 resolution game

Battle Isle 2220: Shadow of the Emperor

Gameplay video

Original trailer

Battle Isle 2220: Shadow of the Emperor
picture from manual

Earliest Magazine review- PC Games (Germany) (1995)
"Die hochprozentige Spielspaß-Wertung ist mit Vorsicht zu genießen, denn Schatten des Imperiums gehört keinesfalls in die Schublade "Leichtverdauliches Strategiespiel für jedermann". Dazu ist Battle Isle 3 einerseits für den Durchschnitts-Spieler zu komplex, andererseits macht's erst dann richtig Spaß, wenn sämtliche Faktoren (Wetter, Benzin, Nachschub usw.) einkalkuliert werden - denn nur so hat man auch eine Chance, einen Level zu knacken."
Earliest English review - Computer Games Magazine (1996)
"At a time where more and more developers are choosing to move into some sort of real time strategy gaming, BI2220's strict turn-based structure is welcome. Make no bones about it, this is no wargame. The rules are simple, gameplay is fast, but there are still many different strategies to explore. As a "beer and pretzels" game, BI2220 is a delight. Be patient waiting for the in-mission movies to play, and make sure your mouse button is well oiled, and you should enjoy yourself playing through this one."


1) No game couldn't beat Pong (arcade), released in 1972(!) in screen resolution  battle (it has 858x525), until this game, released in 1995.(Technically  first game higher than Pong in screen  resolution was Hi-Ten Bomberman (1993). But it was custom game and was not released to mass market)
2) Battle Isle is a strategy game, gave  the player the entire screen, and merged move and attack phases, and the 3-D display of combat.

3) Later in year Cyberbykes was released  which supports 1280x1024  resolution.

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