Beneath Apple Manor

Beneath Apple Manor (Apple 2)    1978


Emulation: AppleWin


First top-down free-roaming rpg, first  procedural generation

Beneath Apple Manor

Gameplay video

Beneath Apple Manor
Story (From manual)
Beneath Apple Manor
Picture from manual

Review - Creative Computing Magazine, october 1980 

Beneath Apple Manor

1) The goal is to obtain a Golden Apple on the bottom floor of the dungeon. There are 10 rooms per level in the low-res version, and 5 in the high-res version.

2) Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons (1974) and "Tunnels and trolls".

3) Procedural generation- define rooms, hallways, monsters, and treasure that the player can find.

4) Predecessor of famous top-down RPG's like Final Fantasy (1987) and  Dragon Quest (1987).

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