Castle Wolfenstein

Castle Wolfenstein (Apple 2)  1981


Emulation: AppleWin


First stealth game.

Castle Wolfenstein

Gameplay video

Earliest Magazine review-Creative Computing (1982)

Magazine review -Creative Computing Video & Arcade Games (1983)

Castle Wolfenstein
Magazine review-Electronic Games (1983)

Magazine review- Electronic Games (1982)

Magazine review - Video Games Player (1984) + Zaxxon, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the

Mad Overlord 

Castle Wolfenstein
Magazine commercial - Creative Computing (1983)


1) For more Wolfenstein games watch  Wolfenstein 3D (1992).

2) A stealth game is a type of video game that tasks the player with using stealth to avoid or overcome antagonists. Games in the genre typically allow the player to remain undetected by hiding, using disguises, and/or avoiding noise. Some games allow the player to choose between a stealthy approach or directly attacking antagonists, perhaps rewarding the player for greater levels of stealth. The genre has employed espionage, counter-terrorism and rogue themes, with protagonists who have been identified as special forces operatives, spies, thieves, ninjas, and assassins. 

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