Event Horizon Simulator

Event Horizon Simulator (Autodesk)  1990


Emulation: no

First entertaiment virtual reality game (when you just sit and play video game), first VR flight simulator

Event Horizon Simulator

1) Virtual reality & the home computer game. Home-based computer scientist, John Schultz, plays a 3-D video game in 3-D stereo sound featuring space-planes dog-fighting, which he wrote for his home computer. Entitled The Event Horizon Simulator the game runs on an Atari 2000 computer, using conventional stereo headphones and a basic LCD headset.

2) Display only shows what shown in head mounted display, player doesn't need  to look at computer display.

3) Autodesk 3d studio Max tool also use in videogames development, like Trespasser: Jurassic Park.

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