The Eye of Judgment  (PlayStation 3)     2007   


Emulation: no        


First modern Augmented reality game, first home onscreen augmented reality game

The Eye of Judgment

Gameplay video

pictures from manual

PlayStation Eye
PlayStation Eye

First onscreen augmented reality presentation (prototype of eye of the beholder) 

The Eye of Judgment
Magazine commercial- PlayStation 2 Official Australia (2007)

1) The Eye of Judgment is the first game to use the PlayStation Eye input device. Bundled with the game, the peripheral was launched at the same date.Through use of an included "9 Fields" table mat featuring 3x3 rectangular grid, and special trading cards encoded with CyberCode matrix code; players conquer a playfield by employing various creatures and spells, taking turns playing cards of their choice strategically on the mat, and performing actions through gestures that are captured through the PlayStation Eye camera, which is mounted on a special stand (also included with the game).
2) Game is resemble of the first console games on  Magnavox Odyssey  (1972), when you playing real cards along with video game.

3) First augmented reality game is The Sword of Damocles (1965).

4) More more videocamera games watch  EyeToy: Play (2003).

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