Galaxy Game


Galaxy Game (arcade-DEC PDP-11/20 and vector display terminal))       1971


Emulation: Not fully emulated (MAME emulator)

No original videos of the game exists.


First arcade electronic video game, first electronic video game with a poster, first commercial electronic video game, first vector graphics game


Silent, monochrome game with color overlay

Arcade system: unique  (based on  DEC PDP-11/20 computer)

Original poster
Original poster

Gameplay video

Galaxy Game arcade
Real arcade screenshot
Galaxy Game
Arcade cabinet

!) First  coin-operated game console incorporated a DEC PDP-11/20 with vector displays. It was  two months before the release of Computer Space, the first mass-produced video game.
2) Now in the collection of the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

3) Version of the Spacewar! (1962)

4) Up to 8 machines could be controlled by a single PDP-11 computer (watch image of  the computer here)

5) A vector monitor is a display device used for computer graphics up through the 1970s. It is a type of CRT, similar to that of an early oscilloscope. In a vector display, the image is composed of drawn lines rather than a grid of glowing pixels as in raster graphics. The electron beam follows an arbitrary path tracing the connected sloped lines, rather than following the same horizontal raster path for all images. The beam skips over dark areas of the image without visiting their points.

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