Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)  1999


Emulation: ePSXe

single  platform game - 9.37 million units

Gran Turismo 2

Gameplay video

Gran Turismo 2
picture from manual
Gran Turismo 2
Gran turismo 2
Preview (Arcade) (1999-01)

Review (Arcade) (2000-02)

Gran Turismo 2
Magazine review - GamePro (2000)
Gran Turismo 2
Magazine preview - Computer and video games (1999)

Magazine review - Scoop! (2000)

Gran Turismo 2
Magazine review - Computer and video games (2000)

Non-Car Driveable Models
As well as vehicles, a number of weird objects are available to drive with cheat devices. The textures are packed along with the cars, so these are not simply misappropriated graphics from menus or results screens. On this picture - Perhaps most bizarre of all, the background from the Arcade disc's race loading screen!

1) Compared with Gran Turismo, the gameplay, physics and graphics are very similar: the only real noticeable difference in vehicle dynamics was the brakes, which became much less likely to lock up and cause the vehicle to oversteer. The major changes are the vastly expanded number of cars, tracks and races in simulation mode.
2) PAL version has a different soundtrack, and has songs that the American version doesn't, such as "Illin' in Heaven" by Fatboy Slim. The American version has songs like "I Think I'm Paranoid" by Garbage, and "Now is the Time" by The Crystal Method, whereas the PAL version did not. Original japanese version has completely different musics.
3) Early releases were produced with a scratch and sniff coating on the blue GT Mode disc. A gentle rub with the fingers or a soft cloth will release the fragrant scent of grease, oil and burnt rubber.

4) Game looks like transition from old racing games to modern racing.

5) Best-selling single  platform game , bundled games is not count (watch Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for more).

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