Gun Buster

Gun Buster (arcade)  1992


Emulation: mame


First First-person shooter with light gun, First breakable glass walls in 3D,  first strafing in FPS


Arcade system: Taito 68020 Based

Gun Buster

Gameplay video

Gun Buster
arcade cabinet

1) Featured multiplayer deathmatch modes for up to four players, between two teams, on a dual-monitor arcade cabinet.

2) Strafing is the technique of moving the player's character from side to side, rather than forward and backward. In the context of first-person shooters, it refers to the movement alone, even when no weapon is being fired. Sidestepping is an integral part of any first-person or third-person shooter as it allows the player to dodge incoming fire while keeping their view aimed at their target.

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