Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom

Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom (Windows)  2000


Emulation: WMware


First havok physics engine

Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom

Gameplay video

Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom


1) Havok Physics -allows for real-time collision and dynamics of rigid bodies in three dimensions. It provides multiple types of dynamic constraints between rigid bodies (e.g. for rag-doll physics), and has a highly optimized collision detection library. By using dynamical simulation, Havok Physics allows for more realistic virtual worlds in games. The company was developing a specialized version of Havok Physics called Havok FX that made use of ATI and NVIDIA GPUs for physics simulations; however, the goal of GPU acceleration didn't materialize until several years later.

2) The game came with a trinket, a red and black bandana.

3) Used Havok in bridges structure  (first level).

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