Hovertank one

Hovertank one  (DOS)    1991


Emulation: Dosbox


Next step in 3D - First First-person shooter  that imitate human walk in 3D, more faster movement in  first person shooters with better graphics.

Hovertank one

Gameplay video

1) Altought your hero actually in a howertank, it looks like real First poerson shooter hero that imitate human walking (like any fps later).

2) Known as Hovertank 3D.

3)  It is considered a significant precursor  popular id Software's subsequent releases, Wolfenstein 3D (1992)  and Doom (1993).
4) The game used the same combination of scaled sprites and drawn walls that would later show up in
Catacomb 3 (1991)  and Wolfenstein 3D, but the walls in Hovertank 3D were in solid color, without any textures.

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