I-War (Windows)   1997


Emulation: Dosbox 3dfx


First Sun lens flare effect


Gameplay video

Original trailer

I-War  windows
Magazine review - Computer and video games (1998)


1) Sun lens flare effect - Lens flare is the light scattered in lens systems through generally unwanted image formation mechanisms, such as internal reflection and scattering from material inhomogeneities in the lens. (You can see many small sun flare trough movie camera lens). Popularized in the cult movie Easy rider (1969).

2) Game has most advanced CGI cutscenes at the time.

3) Notable for it's use of Newtonian physics; unlike other popular space combat games such as Wing Commander and Descent: Freespace, the flight model is subject to inertia caused by a ship's mass and the absence of drag in outer space. In addition to common flight dynamics, vessels can move and accelerate in all directions: up, down, forward, backwards and sideways.

4) Another game with lens flare released surprisingly  in november 1997! (same as title game)- TOCA Touring Car  Championship.

5) Known as Independance wars.

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