Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet  (DOS)     1994                                          


Emulation: dosbox


First 3D water effect (advanced Fluid simulation) First destructible terrain, advanced reflections, First Anti-aliasing,  first auto-stereogram game

Magic Carpet game

Gameplay video

Original trailer

Magic Carpet game dos
beta version

Magazine preview - Computer and video games  (1994)

Magazine preview - PC Format (1994)

Magazine preview - PC Zone (1994)

Magic Carpet
Magazine review (1995)

Magazine review-Electronic Entertainment (1995)

Magazine commercial - PC gamer (1995)

1) Revolutionary for the time were real-time terrain-altering spells such as crater, volcano, and earthquake; it is possible for the player to carve through a continent (rather than splitting apart a land mass, earthquake digs a twisting gorge in the ground), build up a volcano, or dig a lake (with crater). Magic Carpet had what was perhaps the best graphics engine of that time.
2) Magic Carpet was one of the first games to support 3D viewers/glasses in many different configurations. You can use virtual reality headsets, red/blue glasses... the program will even generate a realtime random dot stereogram!

3) First reflections was in  Dark Edge (1992)
4) Game presented first Anti-aliasing (called "softer" in the game -press F4 to enable it)

5) Destructible environment, or terrain deformation, refers to an environment within a game which can be wholly or partially destroyed by the player. It may refer to any part of the environment including terrain, buildings and other man-made structures.

6) Watch Tread Marks (2000) for more destructible terrain.

7)  Antialiasing is the smoothing of the image or sound roughness caused by aliasing . With images, approaches include adjusting pixel positions or setting pixel intensities so that there is a more gradual transition between the color of a line and the background color.

8) An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image.

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