MIDI Maze (Atari ST)  1987


Emulation: SainT


First first person shooter with visible "bullets", first color ,multiplayer fps, first color deathmatch


Gameplay video

picture from manual
Atari ST
Atari ST computer

1) MIDI Maze introduced the concept of deathmatch combat to usual users.(first was in  Maze War 1973).
As in the 1980st year no home computer featured real networking support beside serial-cable connections between two computers, Midi Maze is using a trick to connect up to 16 players: as the Atari ST is having Midi-in and Midi-out connectors for keyboards and sound equipment, these were used to build up a ring-network. Computer 1 Midi-Out is connected to Computer 2 Midi-In, Computer 2 Midi-Out is connected to Computer 3 Midi-In and so forth with the last computer connecting again to Computer-1. This builds a very cheap network for more than two Atari ST computers.
2) First fast by today standarts gameplay (but only on small screen).
3) Plot - You are Smiley , your mission - defend your color in Midi sixteen notes and kill bas notes.

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