Mizzurna Falls

Mizzurna Falls (PlayStation)   1998


Emulation: epsxe


First open world game  with walk and drive  functions

Mizzurna Falls

Gameplay video

Manufacturer's description
One town reeproduced in whole 3D Polygon graphics, colorful action adventure game unfolds. Events do not always occur in the same time, or how to solve the mystery up to you! Beginning with a mysterious death case accomplished 16-year-old girl in rural America, to find Emma went missing, the case goes to step in Matthew is a hero.


1) Plot - A killer stalks a North American town called Mizzurna Falls.

2) True predecessor of Shenmue (1999) (phone numbers in notebook, date and day-night  changes (first presented in Hunter for sandbox games, wake up in the mornin in own house (you can save the game  there, etc)
3) Ability to eat in restaurants - used after in open world genre first only  in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004).
4) Full  onscreen map looks like a map  in Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001).

5) Cell phone  - used after that in open world genre only from GTA Vice city (2002)

6) You can use computer (actually its  a library screen but screen in not active,only text subtitles) first time in open world games
7) You can see l
ens flare effect  in some places - inroduced only in 1997 (I-War).
8) First motorcycle in open world - but only enemy can ride on this (it's scripted). Motorcycles later  appeared in Shenmue (but in not open world section), and in GTA Vice City (2002) - full  functioning.
9) You can use boat in Third person mode in open world (first apeared in open world in
Hunter (1991) and even elevators ( ut;s all later appeared in GTA3)

10) Game heavily influenced by cult movies of David Lynch - Tvin Peaks and Blue velvet - and its best game based on these films (since games version of these films not exist).

11) Remained a Japanese-territory exclusive and never saw an official localization because glitchy
techology of the game.

12) Like Trespasser (same year) this game is almost unfinished (many bugs -no guns in hands, people walk on the sky, you can see through the walls sometimes.
11) Title explanatiom (SPOILER ALERT!).
Mizzurna Falls - name of the town, nae of the fall in the town, and - its a name of the ancient (fictional) god who falls from the sky someday on the city (like ancient legend says).

Mizzurna means - truth.

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