Mizzurna Falls

Mizzurna Falls (PlayStation)   1998


Emulation: epsxe


First open world game  with walk and drive  functions

Mizzurna Falls

Gameplay video


1) Plot - A killer stalks a North American town called Mizzurna Falls.

2) True predecessor of Shenmue (1999) (phone numbers in notebook, date and day-night  changes (first presented in Hunter for sandbox games, wake up in the mornin in own house (you can save the game  there, etc)
3) Ability to eat in restaurants - used after in open world genre first only  in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004).
4) Full  onscreen map looks like a map  in Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001).

5) Cell phone  - used after that in open world genre only from GTA Vice city (2002)

6) You can use computer (actually its  a library screen but screen in not active,only text subtitles) first time in open world games
7) You can see l
ens flare effect  in some places - inroduced only in 1997 (I-War).
8) First motorcycle in open world - but only enemy can ride on this (it's scripted). Motorcycles later  appeared in Shenmue (but in not open world section), and in GTA Vice City (2002) - full  functioning.
9) You can use boat in Third person mode in open world (first apeared in open world in
Hunter (1991) and even elevators ( ut;s all later appeared in GTA3)

10) Game heavily influenced by cult movies of David Lynch - Tvin Peaks and Blue velvet - and its best game based on these films (since games version of these films not exist).

11) Remained a Japanese-territory exclusive and never saw an official localization because glitchy
techology of the game.

12) Like Trespasser (same year) this game is almost unfinished (many bugs -no guns in hands, people walk on the sky, you can see through the walls sometimes.
11) Title explanatiom (SPOILER ALERT!).
Mizzurna Falls - name of the town, nae of the fall in the town, and - its a name of the ancient (fictional) god who falls from the sky someday on the city (like ancient legend says).

Mizzurna means - truth.

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