Moto-Cross (arcade) 1976


Game is lost


First scrolling motorbike racing game,  introduces a pseudo-3d forward-scrolling third-person  view, first haptic (force feedback)


Later re-released as "Fonz"


Monochrome game.

Arcade system: Sega Discrete Logic

Moto-Cross arcade
fonz  arcade

Review  - All Game Guide (1998)


"Based on the popular '70s television series Happy Days, Fonz puts players in the role of the leather jacketed title character as he rides his motorcycle down winding streets, racing as fast as he can while trying to avoid other bikers and the side of the road. The game is unique for the time of its release in that the controls are a pair of handlebars complete with throttle and a special vibration function. When Fonz wrecks into another bike, the handlebars vibrate and the screen flashes a reverse image of the overhead view action."


1) The point of the game is to drive a motorcycle as fast as possible on the track without hitting other bikes or skidding off the road; the player receives 10 points per second at the slowest speed and 10 points per half-second at top speed. Passing 1000 kilometers activates extended play. The game is controlled with a motorcycle handlebar interface; players twist to throttle the engine and crashes causes force feedback on the handlebars.

2) There is rumours that this game is the first sprite scaling game. No videos of this game exist to prove that. If you have please contribute. First sprite scaling game is Monaco GP.

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