NARC (arcade)  1988


Emulation: mame


First game to use color digitized graphics (2nd digitised game), first game to use 32-bit processor


Arcade system: Williams Z Unit

NARC arcade

Gameplay video

NARC arcade
Magazine review - Commodore User (1989)

1) One of the first ultra-violent video games and a frequent target of parental criticism of the arcade game industry. altought censored - when you shot the dogs, they turned into puppies.
2) Plot - The game's main characters are Max Force and Hit Man, who have received a memo from Spencer Williams, Narcotics Opposition chairman in Washington, D.C. dispatching them on Project NARC. Their mission is to apprehend Mr. Big, head of an underground drug trafficking and terrorist organization.
3) NARC a,. futuristic police - fighers with narcotic dealers.
4) Processor 64 mhz.
5) Inspired later digitise graphics games like Pit-Fighter (1990) and  Mortal Kombat (1992).

6) First game where you can kill prostitute (like in Grand Theft Auto 3).

7) First digitised game is Journey (1983).

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