NFL Football

NFL Football (arcade) 1983


Emulation: No


First game on Vinyl disc (CED video disc)


Arcade system: unique

NFL Football arcade 1983

Gameplay video

NFL Football arcade 1983
CED disc
CED disc (Capacitance Electronic Disc)
Star Rider
Magazine review- Electronic Games (1984)
NFL Football star rider  Astron belt
Magazine review - Enter (1984) also on Star rider, Astron belt

Magazine review - Videogames (1984)

1) The Capacitance Electronic Disc (CED) is an analog video disc playback system developed by RCA, in which video and audio could be played back on a TV set using a special needle and high-density groove system similar to phonograph records.
2) Sales for the system were nowhere near projected estimates, and by 1986, RCA had discontinued the project.

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