Night Life

Night Life (PC-88)   1982


Emulation: M88


First erotic action game with graphics, first color erotic game, first eroge (hentai) game.


Silent game (except some blips)

Night Life game

Gameplay video

PC-8801 computer
PC-8801 computer


1) First primitive eroge  (hentai) game, precursor to the modern bishōjo game genre.

2) Hentai (J "perverse"; can also be understood as "shape-changing" or "weirdly shaped") is the term commonly used in the West for such games. In Japan, the preferred term is Eroge ( short for "erotic game"). 

3)It was released in April 1982. (for more, watch Lolita: Yakyuken 1982).

4) Night Life was marketed as an aid for the sex life of couples. It included such features as a schedule to determine a woman's period, and a catalog of possible sexual positions, with artwork consisting of black-and-white and color outlines.

5) First game with nudity is Yakyuken  (1981).

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