Nuerburgring Powerslide

Nuerburgring Powerslide (arcade)  1979


Game is lost

Emulation: no


First color 3d racing, first game with shaking function, first driving simulator

Arcade system: unique

Nuerburgring Powerslide arcade
Nuerburgring Powerslide arcade

1) German driving simulator with 2 pedals, gas and brake.

2) Nürburgring Power-Slide with Power-Slide banking the driver's seat angle and turn-table rotating the entire cabinet to match the direction of steering. That beats the hell out of Out Run's vibrating steering wheel.
3) Known as Formel 1 Nurburgring (watch more Nürburgring games - Nurburgring 1 (1976), Nurburgring 3 (1976)

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