Nürburgring 1

Nürburgring 1 (arcade) 1976


Game is lost


First 3d racing game (the player’s view is behind and above the vehicle, looking forward along the road with the horizon in sight,first first-person racing game), first  to display real-time first-person graphics.


German game,made in early 1976 ( later copied in U.S arcades as Night driver)


Monochrome game with overlay

Arcade system: unique (discrete)

Nürburgring 1 arcade
Nürburgring 1 arcade
Nürburgring 1  Night driver arcade
Magazine review of Night driver -clone of Nürburgring 1 - Videogames (1982)

1) The player controls a car which must be driven along a road at nighttime without crashing into the sides of the road as indicated by road side reflectors.

2) Due to the limitations of arcade technology at the time, the car the player is driving is not actually drawn on-screen. Instead, the car is a printed plastic insert that is laid under the screen. Also, the fact that the car is driving at night made it easier for the programmers to draw the environment with limited graphics at the time.

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