Project Milo

Project Milo  (Xbox 360)   2009


Game is cancelled

Emulation: no


First use of kinect-camera - full-body 3D motion capture, 3D  face recognition and voice recognition -infrared sensor  controlled

Gameplay video

1) In an interview with Eurogamer after the press conference, developer Molyneux confirmed that 2009 's demonstration was of the previously version- known "Dimitri," and would be a game developed around Kinect, titled Milo and Kate. In the game, players would interact with a 10-year-old child (Milo or Millie, selected at the start) and a dog named Kate, playing through a story.
2) Milo has an AI structure that responds to human interactions, such as spoken word, gestures, or predefined actions in dynamic situations. The game relies on a procedural generation system which is constantly updating a built-in "dictionary" that is capable of matching key words in conversations with inherent voice-acting clips to simulate lifelike conversations.
3) At E3 2011, "Fable: The Journey" was announced, which includes elements from Milo, including voice and emotion recognition.
4) First game with infrared sensors was  U-Force power games (1990).

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