R360 - G-Loc Air Battle

R360 - G-Loc Air Battle (arcade)  1990


Emulation: mame

First 3D 360° game that physically rotated player


Arcade system: Sega Y Board

R360 - G-Loc Air Battle

Gameplay video

R360 - G-Loc Air Battle
Erliest Magazine review - Power Play (1991)

Earliest ernglish Review - All Game Guide (1998)
"Obviously inspired by After Burner, G-LOC has superior graphics (better detail, color and 3D effects) and slightly more versatile gameplay. The game is available in three types of cabinets: upright, standard sit-down (tilts forward, back, left, right) and deluxe sit-down, which encloses the player and uses hydraulics to rotate the machine a full 360 degrees on both axis, giving the game an intensely immersive effect."

1) The title refers to "G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness".
2) Michael Jackson used to own this game. It was sold at the official Michael Jackson Auction on Apr. 24th, 2009.

3) A sequel to "G-Loc - Air Battle" where players ride in the cabinet that simulates the movements of a jet fighter and makes 360 degree rotations.

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