Rad Mobile

Rad Mobile (arcade)  1990


Emulation: mame (not full emulation)


First fog effect, first rain effect (Fluid simulation).

Arcade system: Sega System 32

Rad Mobile

Gameplay video

Rad Mobile
Magazine review- Power Play (1991)

1) The game featured a Sonic the Hedgehog air freshener hanging on the rear mirror. It was Sonic's first appearance in a game, predating even the first title of his own franchise.
2) With the game's release, Sega yet again introduced new gameplay elements to the genre, primarily in the form of dynamic weather effects. Sega's 1989 racer, "Turbo Out Run", also included limited weather effects, but they were far less prominent as a gameplay feature and a good deal less impressive than they are here.
3) Rad Mobile was Sega's first 32bit arcade game.

4) Fluid simulation, or computational fluid dynamics,is a computer graphics tool used to generate realistic animations of liquids such as water and smoke. (Watch Magic Carpet for more)

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