Reikai Doushi

Reikai Doushi (arcade)  1988


Emulation: mame

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First digitized fighting game , first claymation game.


Arcade system: unique

Also known as The last apostle puppet show

Gameplay video



1) Plot - Control the Chinese Exorcist as he battles various Oriental demons!
2) The title of this game translates from Japanese as 'Priest of the Spirit World'.
3) At the beginning of the development, this game was supposed to be an adult fighting game but the plan changed.
4) The zombie-like hopping enemies that the player fights against are called 'kyonshi', which in Chinese lore are literally 'Hopping vampires'.
5) Big insiration on Mortal Kombat (1992) -claymation models of Goro, some tricks like Raiden's flying kick.

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