Santa paravia en fiumaccio

Santa paravia en fiumaccio (TRS 80)  1978


Emulation: HT1080Z

First God game


Silent, monochrome game.

Santa paravia en fiumaccio

Gameplay video

TRS 80 Computer
TRS 80 Computer

Earliest Review  (All Game Guide (1999))

"Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio is an enjoyable and entertaining strategy game. While the decisions and game play are not too deep, the random events and calamities keep things interesting. This is a worthy forefather to later strategy/management games such as those in the SimCity series."


1) Each player becomes the ruler of a fledgling Italian city-state around the year 1400. The goal of the game is to become king or queen; to do so the player must manage their city-state so that it may grow.

2) Its the first graphical god game based loosely on the text game Hamurabi (which is based on the first text god game The Sumerian Game (1966).

3) A god game - casts the player in the position of controlling the game on a large scale, as an entity with divine or supernatural powers, as a great leader, or with no specified character (as in Spore), and places them in charge of a game setting containing autonomous characters to guard and influence (Spore ,Sim city, etc)


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