Starglider 2

Starglider 2 (Amiga)  1988


Emulation: WinUAE


First flight simulator with shaded 3D polygonal graphics

Starglider 2

Gameplay video

Amiga computer
Amiga computer
starglider 2
Magazine Commercial (Amiga World) (1989-01)

Magazine review - Zzap! (1988)

1) For similar games watch Descent (1994).
2) Plot - You need to free people of Solice system from  Egron occupation. The goal of Starglider 2 is to destroy an enemy space station with a neutron bomb, and the majority of the gameplay consists of collecting parts for the bomb, or fulfilling other prerequisites (e.g. finding the nuclear professor capable of constructing the bomb, or trade goods for the bombs necessary to destroy the shield generators protecting the space station), while fighting off enemy spacecraft, and delivering collected items to depots inside planetary tunnel systems.

3) Another pretendent on first flight simulator with shaded 3D polygonal graphics is ate odTop Landing (arcade 1988). Exact month of Atarglider 2 release is unknows (if you know the source please contribute).

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