Streets of SimCity

Streets of SimCity (Windows)  1997


Emulation: Dosbox 3dfx


Next step in sandbox games - first driving and fighting in big 3D open world city

Streets of SimCity

Gameplay video

Streets of SimCity
pictures from manual
streets of simcity
Magazine commecrial - CG-StrategyPlus (1997)

Original trailer

1) First in open world games- cars can  take partial damage.
2) One of the mission later was used in Grand Theft Auto 3-Zippy's Courier Service (Players take the role of a package deliveryman who must make a certain number of deliveries in a certain amount of time
3) Some of the music was included in the best-seller game The Sims, as music for "action" television programs, as well as tracks on radios and audio systems.
4) Same feature as  in SimCopter - if you're drive forward until the end - you'll be at astarting point again.
5) One of the most most resource hungry emulated games - you'll need a very fast processor.

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