Super Glove Ball

Super Glove Ball (NES)   1990


Emulation: Nestopia (not fully emulated)

First game with motion detection controller (power glove)

Super Glove Ball

Gameplay video

Original trailer

Super Glove Ball
picture from manual
Power glove
Power glove controller

1) Plot- Set in the then-futuristic year 2005, the story line is that the player's shuttle commander has been trapped in a dimensional maze in outer space.Only he can rescue the commander by throwing energy balls at the walls.

2) Predecessor of Kinect, Wii remote and others sensor motion controllers (Watch Wii Sports 2006).

3) A motion controller controls the motion of some object. Frequently motion controllers are implemented using digital computers, but motion controllers can also be implemented with only analog components as well. Motion controllers require a load (something to be moved), a prime mover (something to cause the load to move), some sensors (to be able to sense the motion and monitor the prime mover), and a controller to provide the intelligence to cause the prime mover to move the load as desired.

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