Unreal (Windows)  1998


Emulation: WMware


First game  to have a software renderer as feature rich as the hardware renderers including colored lighting and even a limited form of texture filtering, first game to utilize detail texturing (This type of multiple texturing enhances the surfaces of objects with a second texture that shows material detail. When the player stands within a small distance from most surfaces, the detail texture will fade in and make the surface appear much more complex high-resolution instead of becoming increasingly blurry), first volumetric lighting - An effect for generating fog, smoke or plasma. It was used in great effect for obscuring view.

Unreal 1998

Gameplay video

Unreal 1998
Unreal 1995
Unreal demo 1995
Unreal 1998
picture from manual
unreal 1996
Daemon head texture from demo 1996 later used in Unreal tournament
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Magazine review - Computer and videogames (1998)

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1) Shaved head woman female hero and prison reminds of Alien 3 movie.
2) Avatar- One of director James Cameron's pet projects after Titanic was an epic sci-fi extravaganza called Avatar, much hyped in Hollywood circles at the time and poised to redefine the notion of a truly alien world on the big screen.The project fell apart initially, but the scriptment (a hybrid between a script and a treatment ) by James Cameron still exists. Interestingly, you can find quite a few similarities between it and Unreal:
3) German version- Violence was reduced for the German version of Unreal. The "reduced gore" option is missing from the menus, enemies simply disappear instead of being gibbed, and severed heads also vanish instead of flying through the air.

4) First texture filtering was in Descent (1994).

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