Wild Gunman

Wild Gunman (arcade) 1974


Emulation: No


First game based entirely on a film tape, first real full motion video light gun game,projected 16 mm film, first game with real human voice (narrator), first Quick time event game


Arcade system: unique

Wild Gunman arcade

Gameplay video

Wild Gunman arcade
Wild Gunman arcade

1) Light gun connected to a 16 mm projection screen. Full-motion video footage of a Wild West gunslinger was projected onto the screen and when his eyes flashed, the player needed to draw and shoot. If the player was fast enough, the projection would change to that of the shot gunman falling down, otherwise it would show the gunman drawing and firing his gun. If the player won, then they would face off against several more gunslinger opponents.

2) Quick time event (QTE) is a method of context-sensitive gameplay in which the player performs actions on the control device shortly after the appearance of an on-screen prompt. It allows for limited control of the game character during cut scenes or cinematic sequences in the game. Performing the prompted action improperly or not at all results in the character's failure at their task and often in an immediate game over.(Watch Shenmue (1999) for more).

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