Winning Run

Winning Run (arcade)  1988


Emulation: mame (nof full emulation)


Next step in 3D racing - first use a Namco System 21 "Polygonizer" system, first allows the player to go the wrong way around the course.


Arcade system: Namco System 21

Winning Run

Gameplay video

Winning Run
Arcade cabinet

1) It was considered a milestone in 3D polygon graphics technology, pushing 60,000 polygons per second, and using polygon shapes as building blocks for graphic structures such as flood-hit tunnels, pits and steep cambers.
2) Clare Edgeley and Julian Rignall gave it a positive review, comparing it favourably with Atari's Hard Drivin', which also debuted at the same ATEI show. They described Winning Run graphics as simply stunning, with a Polymiser system used to give the most impressive 3D graphics yet seen." They concluded that it is easily the best racing game yet seen – it's thoroughly realistic and totally exhilarating."

Anoyher review - "glimpse of the future was offered , Namco were the ones to show what could really be done with polygon graphics," praising the "new 3D Real Time CG Simulation System known as System 21" which "looked incredible" running Winning Run.They noted that, using polygon "shapes as building blocks for graphic structures," this "Formula 1 racing game adds a whole new dimension to car driving – true first person perspective with no compromises!"
3) Complete arcade machine costing $33811 (in 2015).

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