Displair Holographic game

Displair Holographic game   (custom system)    2013            

First fog screen holographic game

Gameplay video

1) Displair is a 3D interactive raster display technology developed by a Russian company of the same name. The Displair projects images onto sheets of microscopic water droplets suspended in air, giving the illusion of a hologram.
2) Unlike other cold fog projecting technologies, the images projected by the Displair can also respond rapidly to multi-touch manipulation, as well as allowing taste and aroma to be incorporated.
3) First sold in 2014.
4) Displair uses third party computerised multi-touch technologies to allow control of images with fingers or with other objects. The display can work with up to 1500 touch points simultaneously with a delay time of less than 0.2 seconds. This makes it possible to allow manipulation by more than one user, and also to identify more complex gestures than similar 3D display systems. The company is working on incorporating flavoring and taste interaction with projected images in the future.

5) First attempt  to make holographic game is Time Traveler (1991).

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