Myst IV: Revelation

Myst IV: Revelation (Windows)   2004


The most graphically advanced use of entirely pre-rendered and ful motion video graphics

Myst IV: Revelation

Gameplay video

Original trailer

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1) Revelation was the first game in the series released exclusively on a DVD-ROM format; a multiple CD-ROM version was not produced as it would have taken twelve compact discs to fit all the data.
2) Musician Peter Gabriel lent his voice and a song to the game's audio; Gabriel also performed a voiceover for the game.
3) Reviewers praised the use of subtle animations to bring the scenery to life; GameSpot's Greg Kasavin stated that the additions "truly helps make each scene in the game seem like more than just a panoramic picture, and instead it feels like a real place"
4) The game played an important role in Der Mann von der Botschaft, a German movie produced in 2006 (US festival title: The Man from the Embassy). The movie is about a German ambassador in Tbilisi, Georgia, who leads a very isolated life, finding his only retreat in playing this game every evening. When he takes in a 12 year old refugee girl, they use exploring Myst IV: Revelation as a way of connecting and getting to know each other.
5) Also used real time graphics.

6) Event occured 200 years ago and Atrus and his family  is not humans.

7) Watch Riven: The Sequel to Myst (1997)

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