Space Harrier

Space Harrier (arcade)  1985


Emulation: mame


First shadow from player in 3D game, 2nd game to use 16-bit graphics and Sega's "Super Scaler" technology


Arcade system: Sega Space Harrier

Space Harrier

Gameplay video

Space Harrier

!) It was influenced by the earlier 1982 Sega game Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, and Space Harrier in turn influenced later 3D shooters such as Nintendo's Star Fox/Starwing in 1993.
2) Running on the Sega Space Harrier arcade system board previously used by Hang-On.
3) The sprite/tile scaling in the game was handled in a similar manner to textures in later texture-mapped polygonal 3D games of the 1990s.
4) The game was also proto-third-person shooter (first real third-person shooter was Xybots (1987).
5) Space Harrier originally mentioned that it took place in the Fantasy Zone just as the game of the same name, (remember the "Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get Ready!" intro?) and many have claimed that the games take place in the same universe considering the similarity in graphic design. While SEGA never made any official statement they did try to capitalize on the similarities with Space Fantasy Zone. An unreleased Fantasy Zone sequel for the PC Engine CD was developed that used the pseudo 3D gameplay of the Space Harrier series but used Opa-Opa and his gang of cute characters and levels. It is unsure why the game never got released, but several beta copies have been leaked and you can easily find them around the net and run them with an emulator.

6) Harrier was name of the  military jet from  1967,(harrier is a nickname or occupational name for someone who hunted hares, or who was thought to resemble a breed of dog used in hunting hares. nickname for someone thought to resemble a harrier, a kind of hawk).
7) Processor 32 mhz.

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